Best Mens Watches – 2021 | The 101 Buying Guide

Best Mens Watches – 2021 | The 101 Buying Guide

From timeless pieces to sporty chronographs. Welcome to the Best Men’s Watches – EBYAK‘s 101 Guide full of tips on how to choose your next watch. 

Apart from telling the time. A watch can also indicate a man’s personality as well as the stature of a man. So there’s no one size fits all guide to buying a watch; primarily due to the fact that there are so many different timepiece families to choose from.

Best men’s Watches date back to the 17th century, where they were carried or worn by the person.  A watch was designed to withstand the person’s daily activities despite the ongoing wear and tear. Watches come in all shapes and sizes. The first type of watch was designed a pocket watch which was specially for a person to carry in a pocket. Then followed a more ‘modern’ style watch- a wristwatch which was designed to be worn around the wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet. 

Fast forward time and men’s watches have also become fashion items. As many guys show off their personality and preferences through wearing certain watches. So whether you’re looking for a dress watch, a diving watch, a driving watch or an aviator, there are manifold factors to consider before you take the buying plunge.

Men's watches

Can serve a variety of purposes. They tell time, often giving it in hours, minutes, and seconds. Some watches are also designed to provide the current date. A few watches can also serve as an alarm. Digital watches, on the other hand, sound off the time. This is often referred to as true clocks. There’s also the complicated watch, which is a more sophisticated brand of watch. It can either serve as a stopwatch. Likewise, it can provide information such as an exhibition of the lunar phase.

Let’s look into the distinct types of best mens watches. Chronograph watches are one of the earliest and time-honored timepieces. It essentially works like the ordinary stopwatch. For the past 100 years, chronograph watches have been keeping tab of the time in various ways. Apart from the general timekeeping, there are other dials which keep tab of specific measurements of time. Tabs can be up to four, with each tab made for a distinct function. There is a dial for seconds, minutes, hours, and even for measurement of distance and speed.

Automatic watches, on the other hand, are very popular among guys since they can be worn daily. They are referred to as self-winding watches simply because of the manner they work. The wrists movement puts the rotor in a circular rotation and they do not rely on batteries, automatic watches are one of the best selling types of men’s watches. There are also specialised types of men’s watches like diving watches. As the name suggests this type of watch is waterproof and they help divers during their activities. Diver watches are usually resistant against moisture from weather and dust and they typically can resist depth between 200 to 300 meters.


Buying Tips

There are many other types of best mens watches on the market. All of them offer distinct features and designs that appeal to a large majority of men. However, how does one choose a good watch to buy? Let’s look at the basics…

1) When buying a dress watch, you should always pay close attention to the thickness of the case as you don’t want anything too bulky.

2) It’s always good to try and get a watch with the smallest crown possible.

3) The quality of the leather strap should be 100% premium leather as leather wears quickly, after all).

4) With diving watches, you should try to spend a little more money and purchase a watch with a helium escape valve and a strap large enough to fit over your wetsuit.

5) For flying watches, you need a crown which is large enough to be turned, should you be wearing gloves and it should also have super-luminova coated indices, to ensure readability in low light.

6) With driving watches, we suggest that the dial should always feature a fully functioning chronograph.

Whichever watch you intend to buy, there are four key quality signifiers which you should always try be aware of. Let’s go through them…

The Buying of Men's watches

1) Swiss brands are usually the most reliable choice to go for

If the movement in your automatic or mechanical timepiece is built in-house by a major Swiss marque, it’ll most likely be of a better quality than one which has been mass-produced externally.

2) Check the lugs for sharp edges

If the lugs or case of your watch features any sharp edges, it could mean that the watch hasn’t been properly finished and could be a sign of poor production and overall quality.

3) Make sure it is completely water-resistant and that you can swim with it.

It’s always better to opt for a watch which is water resistant to at least 50 meters. So even though you might not dive to that level you should be able to swim normally with it.

4) Invest in scratch-resistant glass

It’s always a pain when you look at your watche’s face and see the damage, so try and opt for a watch finished with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Anything less and the slightest hit will leave your watch needing some definite TLC.

To sum up, our quick basic EBYAK Best mens watches-101 Guide and if you’re ready to purchase your next timepiece think about doing this. Go online and check out the many new designs and types of men’s watches we’ve mentioned in this article. Compare prices and read reviews from buyers and then after making a short list, go to a reputable store and ask for the type of watch you would like to buy. Try it on and then decide upon all of the tips within this guide and you’ll be much wiser.

Happy shopping!


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