The Story

"Be the change you want to see"

EBYAK is a men’s sustainable  fashion label founded and designed by Designer Ashlea Atigolo.

Specialising in innovative and modern luxury sustainable pieces to design-driven sustainable streetwear.

Created with fashion-forward powerful messages behind each piece. EBYAK empowers the individual wearer to take pride in their own identity through a mix of minimalistic to assertive statement styles.





Behind the Signature

Born in London, England, Ashlea Atigolo is an artist, teacher, creative director, and designer. 

After many years educating and inspiring children to become the best they good be. Ashlea knew that she too had to be what she said and give into her lifelong passion to follow her dreams to pursue a career in design.

After many years of  designing, consulting and sketching innovative and distinctive designs for her private clients. She decided to use her creative talents and embark on a mission to change something she saw all too much, and that was the lack of attention to menswear; especially by a female designer. 

This is when EBYAK was born.

In pursuit of her early enthusiasm for fashion from a young age and tailored with her life experiences. Ashlea knew that the strength and heart of the brand had to combine a forward-thinking approach to the modern man’s wardrobe; that also denoted positivity, strength and empowerment for every wearer. 

It was also important to Ashlea that her first collection embodied masculine, distinctive and powerful designs whilst being sustainable.

She therefore set out to present her work as wearable statement pieces that would create a timeless impact within the fashion world forever.

Privately launched in London’s Fashion week represented not only an important milestone for Ashlea and EBYAK, but it also signified a time to inspire. establish and create change.

“All we have is now so inspire, create and just be you” 

Ashlea Atigolo

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